ambitious_fool (ambitious_fool) wrote in permutation,

The Eat Feet Lady

i like i like spraying your face with humiliating insect le prophet EL
g's of emptiness
you are one it is i who am the
iel spraying things with butane to be of nate's brain
EMPTINESS! dial a digit in your general
did the picot prophet dial a digit in your general
nathannathaniel my jizzle fo shizzle izzle
embodied inside the temple
iel direction asking you for communion with Lucy as of yet?
EL, you see, you heathen thoughtspace
Ne0phyte did the picot prophet
..uh ..huh but, more importantly: I had asked you a question
thoughtspace direction asking you for communion with Lucy as of yet?
Hedon Lucy seeks Weird Motherfucker
that is 'whack'
you need to disconnect
you know what you're... you're fucking whacked exterminate
we place on a series you haven't learned to heh it is only the linear
thought problem is, order the woman?
all rational heh of eh heh
seemingly un-connected coincidences , heh brotha. dots eh heh heh heh.

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