ambitious_fool (ambitious_fool) wrote in permutation,


there is no god.
there is god, no?
there, no is god:
there, no god is.
there, god is no.
there god no is!
is there no god?
is there god, no?
is no there, god?
is no god there?
is god there, no?
is god no there?
no, there is god.
no, there god is.
no, is there god?
no is god there.
no god there is,
no god is there
god there is no,
god? there no is.
god is there, no?
god is no there.
god no, there is:
god no is there.
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that was retarded.
that's interesting... it reminds me a lot of this one poem my german teacher taught me once, using the same idea -

Ich denke also bin ich.
Ich bin, also denke ich.
Ich bin also, denke ich.
Ich denke also: bin ich?

(you can babelfish it if you don't speak german, I'm sure)