loveecstasycrim (loveecstasycrim) wrote in permutation,

Crumbling Flash Utopia

Vernacular butterflies flayed syntactical turpentine ruptures repeating
a disinterested look in ambient eyes, crystalline flesh
pressd down upon this glory

A shivering speaking of
just when I think echoes
render acrylic personages
viral encoded blue

Hermeneutics we choose to live inside of,
a transferal reciting ashes on the bloody carpet,
heart pulsings entirely up to you, Mr. Marginal

Spiritual abyss as brutality between a
dried-up loving one who pleasures God alone

Evenings and mornings alit on a thousand miles kissed,
cruelty hiding in the tomb of your prayers
slowly dying of thirst

Weather damage around the last unfurling,
eyes regimented to see nothing beyond
the all better now

Vision returns a popular inside chambers of progress poetry,
licking stars until they see the skull behind the smile.

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