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- wiL mash U ^ gud. Grapefruit. on d trE. Ripe. Wintered & redE.

[heres DIS vox goin aL Ovr, cascading rownd d foyer of d bILdN - itz 1ce upon ago smelt lIk lacquer & paint, drippings of varnish - nw, dusty, cold, old & ready]

- I cn c U, Ovr ther, I do? I wanna tAk U, tAk U somwher & feck d schet out of U. frm n frnt. Against d wall. frm (_|_). Mash U ^ gud, break U, break U n & scoop ^ aL d pRtz dat flood yor endNz.

[& inside d room, hes sitN, w8N 4 d guy 2 b redE. He's w8N, 4 d intRview, w8N 2 b lead in2 d room & aL he cn do iz W8. There’s onlE d w8N, there’s onlE d side-reel of vagabond-come-parlour typ tricks, & he cnt bt hlp tinkN it. He can’t bt hlp l%kin @ her. She’s ther. @ dat desk. yyssw, hes thinking....]

yyssw. Meat. gud 3:o). yyssw, you’re gud, Im gud, yor bad yor bad Im gud letz twist it round a ltl, grapefruit! I hav pieces n my teeth & runners down my thighs; ive got mstakez ^ on d brain. Im wandering rownd & Im w8N, there’s n tym, itz t% much tym. Im hEr, yor Ovr ther. I c%d wlk Ovr ther. I c%d wlk towards U. c%d tAk yor fAc n my h&z & feck it w my fingers. feck yor mouth. w. My. Fingers.

[Hes :-) a ltl @ d thawt. He rly iz. He's stil w8N & evry so ofn she’s l%kin Ovr @ him - cn she smeL d dust & ruin? d decay & old? She acclimatised. She’s @ d desk. She’s wrkD ther 4 a few mthz, & she njoyz her job. She gitz email. She gitz 2 chat online. She gitz 2 wrk w/o wrkN & smoke her smokes wen she wntz & do aL thOs tngz. Sometimes TLK. Sometimes fone ppl. Sometimes, W8 4 ppl 2 b interviewed]

- My finger n my mouth nw, & Im w8N. Fidgeting. whr d feck iz he? whr d feck iz DIS? wot d feck M I? hu d feck, I cnt do DIS. Im lyN, it’s aL a big lie - bt yyssw, yor eyes btch. It’s a lie bout yor eyes aL wandering & blissed & yyssw, yyssw, Im CN U. You’re chekN me. yor l%kin @ my h&z, yor eyes R roaming me, yor 1dering how big my ==B iz & how much hair iz on my chest. & yyssw, you’re aL grapefruit, you’re smooth, outside, sour inside - o sweet w a ltl sugar, sweet & succulent....

"Excuse me?" she sAz - shattered train of thawtz.

"Umm, yyssw?" - & he’s l%kin @ her eyes, blank.

"Hell c U nw." she rplz

[She chekz d tym. L%kz upwards.]

"thx ..." he sAz, pikN ^ Hs briefcase & str8inin out Hs shirt az he wlkz twds d door & he *S*z az he pssn her - brief, fleeting, sure - & notices dat she’s :-) rght bak @ him...
Trevor baby stare
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Sail's Pitch

Mathers matters on material matters. I'd rather lather than bathe Dan Rathers.

A private club with a private spade made Dade love Sade.

Human nature creature feature mixture fixture.

You haven't done it, sun it run it in the street where the beat means meat.

From the post the ghost gets the most.

Dive into airfare where the air dives fairly deep.

Any time for lime for Harry Lyme's crime.

Make money on memberships by sending members on ships.

77 million Baby Boomers watching the Sooners after Lunar Tunes.

Motel666 -- Accommodation of the Beast.

Holiday Inn calls out calls inn between.

If you're there a week, squeak weakly, meekly.

Go to see my mom on mammary day on mammary lane.

I was stuck with my parents paying rents on events under tents.

Highest divorce rate at eight late mate.

Figure out what to wear under there in a lear of fear beer.

There's an anchor -- spank her.

The ones in the Sunday paper creper caper of tapered candles.

Per person in prison of crimson.

Out to sea to see what CCC has in CCs of Commissions.

Member cruise with views of Motley Crüe.

You just saved 2100 dollars on collars of cholera.

Indulge yourself in Melf's elf.

Port charges the heart, tequila charges the stomach.

Celebrities Galaxy, a spiral of glitter pulling on each other.

Eat $100 a day and shit green for a week.

Salmon bake breaks cake.

Do Alaska -- she's frigid.
I'll warm your bones. Take a hard look.

Our recent package ahs been enhanced by Cialis.

Rental car for renal care. There's hare hair, ne'er Nair (bare).

I can see that sea of spree, Ree.

You can go to Maui meowing. Owie.

Round trip air from JFK to the Dallas School Book Repository.

Deluxe accommodations -- a ball of wax. Two bucks to the maxxx.

Four thousand packages on our website. We need to refactor.

Breakfast included for $169. They're ostrich omlettes.

Make your coffee with your wife... if she's into scalding.

How come nobody's using condos? They chafe.

It's the price of ice and rice with lice.

The fountain blew a seal. He jumped in uninvited.

Snacky snaks will munch.

I'll button this up for you real quick. They're all up and down T-Rex. That's my special name for it.

I love towels. THey clean owls' bowels.

Inflexibility is the number one issue why people walk out of time shares instead of cart wheeling.

Weekly rates weakly rate.

Who's been to Cancun of soup? Five days, four nights at the reefer club.

They pull up your screen, screen your clean queen.

I want your summer sausage.

$7000 one-time fee is hardly free, y'see.

We're going to coast to Rica, suave.

We own bear feet and keys to pianos.

There's a new entrance to Disney's world, since he went bi.

If you're working hard and having trouble breaking away, laking always works.

Bajia condos baja del sol.

Rewards trip Kip's slipped lip.

Chimechangas steamy still. Chime in with time's changes.

Mental Soup for the Soul.

Shamelessly Pimping My Machine


I just joined this group, and as my introduction I'd like to offer you Voltron's Magick Cutup Machine.

The Machine is a java program that you can use on your computer at home for cutting up text. There are some "occult principles" that are integrated into the program--namely that the cutup operation is driven by your subconscious mind. The machine gives your subconscious mind an opportunity to communicate in a direct manner with your normal, conscious ego-mind, and will hopefully help users come to a deeper understand of the text they input--and perhaps even themselves. There are other uses as well; you may read about these on the web page referenced above.

I appreciate any comments/suggestions/bug reports received.

I'm cross-posting this all over the place, just so you know.
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Not your ordinary stock.
Extracted from soil.
Fertil eyes in leftovers
Blasphe mouse. Silly man. Prickly poison lightbox.
Mount frame. On black edge. Line ups.
Its your future spliceomatic. Student. Study.

Vanilla Ice cream on fire.
xz Planar. Eve ills projected on a sphere.
Full coverage impassable. Cresent enlightenment.
If we only had 4 lights.
But we don't.

Visionary you.
Polishing infallibility as the
Fasinated think its a spell.
The formula breaks apart in their dreams.
Worded waking wandering through the day, next to you.
For your bisquick.

Embasa Nopalitos

Threw some cactus on a cold mozzerrella turkey sausage shroom green cheaper pepper sweet onion.
Hot water and the world is my cuddlefish.

Extract ancient minerals.
Waxed cheers vocal baiter de-invinsible. Still none in the soil.
Youts unravled.
Wake to wake. Roll. Dust. How how. Ride. Fall.
Texan pancake mystery long horn.
Wandered no memory. BIg Scratch bulk load.
Took a walk.
Slipped on a pile of wet holly berries.
NIght and the walkway never looked so bright.
Soaked glistening in the pore.

Im the king of bongo babie Im the king of bongo.

Express pay or make two lines and I'll be right with you. Stack up your useless parts by the door and carry the rest in to the screaming room. When you are done, wipe your feet, adjust your collar and follow me down these stairs and to the right. Yeah the door near that plant by the window with the X'ed 2 by fours and .....sweet cornflakes! I got me one in the bucket and had to throw 4 back. Got a ticket for dat one time not too long ago and it wasn purty. a forty and a penny to wrap- it out for ya. Install a minute l get stuck on a function have peace 3 hours....at least. Depends wiggles on the user that depends ha on the good solid fuel. I like stuff. Yes. I am a good kid oz if you really want to know. Its just that i open my trumpet and rotten grapes fly out my train like peas laughing gone wild, snoop style at .........Fourtet is coming to Bimbos soon. Following bands , like following football. Overprices tickets, tight pant performance, hey I was there!....Im a Fan! vhoo xooo! "Security, we have a code alaska in isle nine by the canned cactus." Get some twine and tie him to a relative. Does it operate? does it? Do it ate? Dos t rate? es i era? Do es? Doe? Do? D? d? ?
mind stairs function heart dont pull grinders across concrete wearhouses.

thats what i replied anyway.

It wasn't anything really.

an then all of a sudden.......
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| This | is | Area | Three | Don't | forget |

N-N-N-N-No kiosk boy, It's a N-N-N-N-Nokia... and I like it just fine,

No: Interuptions...

My size: <-- is 30 x 30 x 30 times too small. X-tra Baggy, Easy, Loose and Blue?

No: Thank You, but that's "ehh whatever"

It's Nada: sup? (posed 2B permanent) How do I look just looking? In my new smog mask with filtered ventilation ringlets "only the finer necessary particulates please"

Now Playing: Mellow D... She's like a Mega Virgin animated butterfly tattoo. Her hair is streaked with Boulevards of Sunset Memories like me, mockingbards in jeweled cases A to Z... eating her thrifty collared greens. I don't buy it.

I: am lame... Hear me roar...

Boo: on you!

Prick: Here is the finger - Enter the pin.

Water Massage: You're shrink wrapping in the shower!

hang it back up. the right way! on the hanger... and walk away

| This | is | Area | Three | Don't | forget |

Yes yes radioman... This is traffic...

Feel way free to Jam


He shamelessly pushes angels off of cloudy bridges into the fiery water below. Then turns, and with his glowing plastic lips, begs me to bring them back to life.

They've got dirty robes! And hair of straw!

BRIDES BRIDES BRIDES spilling from the StomachGash, walking with their hands tied, their lips down, their eyes crossed, their noses turned up.

YAWZ! The magnetic fields must be out of whack. That, or the robots've been in line for much too long. Mechanical angels, haH!


Here's water for you!

Impossible, I say. Not only that, I won't do it, won't do it, not in this shimmy-circle!

Watch the sparks fly. Crash into Heaven and Hell.


I see YOU...You're not there at all.